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Brad Gushue, 2014 Pinty’s...
With Mark Nichols back throwing third stones, Team Gushue captured the first event in the Grand Slam of Curling series on Sportsnet by defeating the red-hot Team McEwen in a final game that featured back-to-back four-enders. I talked to Brad shortly after this win. You can find out more about Team Gushue here. You can find out more about how Newfoundland affected John Carter Cash here. (You'll understand if you listen to the entire interview.)
Grand Slam Season Begins
The days are growing shorter, the trees have gone bare, my golf course has closed, my hammock has gone back in the garage, and the first of the season's Grand Slams has ushered us into another Canadian winter. ;nbsp;Sure, the snow has held off for now, much to my snowboarding son's disappointment, but without baseball playoffs or quality Sunday night TV to distract me, there are no excuses for not producing another CWM article.It will take me some time to get interested in curling again. ;nbsp;Olympic years seem to barrage us with copious amounts of on and off-ice activity. ;nbsp;It's the part of the roller coaster when you've left the highest point and are heading at top speed towards the first double loop. ;nbsp;The year-after-the-Olympic year becomes that point where...
The End of the OCR
If you've been a curler in Ontario over the last four decades, you probably know the Ontario Curling Report. At least, I hope you do. It's been a staple at clubs since the '70s.But this month, we printed our last edition. The OCR is hanging it up its broom and throwing its last rock.I've been lucky enough to be the editor of that paper for the last two decades and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We accomplished a lot over the years, and were integral to getting Labatt's to return to the Purple Heart, to getting the Free-Guard zone implemented and to punting a number of officials who simply had to go. Last year, we finally got answers to the "member not in good standing" debacle the CCA put the OCA into and helped change the course of the OCA's leadership....
GREAT SHOT Mike McEwen killed it with the early Shot Of The Year nominee; click on the centre house in the digital edition to launch the video CRISIS ON THE COUCH Our Hall-Of-Fame columnist Terry Jones thinks curling is cooking its own golden goose4 MURDER, SUICIDE OR MERCY KILLING? Rodger Schmidt is back with the behind-the-scenes scoop on the debacle that is German curling GONE DIGITAL As we said, every issue of The Curling News is now enhanced and expanded online with more pages of exclusive, interactive curling content – but you must subscribe to get it all CURLING TV/WEB GUIDE You...
By kerr Thanks to all of the curling clubs in Northern Ontario that participated in Curling Week in Northern Ontario. Many clubs hosted Learn to Curl evenings, Bring a friend events, open houses, and other fun events to try to get newcomers to try the sport. During Curling Week a Draw to the Button contest [...]
9th Annual U.S. Open International...
9th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair BonspielDecember 5-7, 2014Teams USA #1Patrick McDonaldSteve EmtJames JosephPenny GreelyCoach: Steve BrownUSA #2Meghan LinoTim KellyPam WilsonJustin MarhsallCoach: Steve BrownUSA #3Bob PrenoveauMark TaylorMatt BerwickRussian AlternateUSA #4Kirk BlackBrad CarlsonKevin PattonTed BeriauUSA VeteransTerry HanniganRene PetersonJeanne Goldy-SanitateAdrianne McIntyreOttawa #1Collinda JosephDoug MorrisJon ThurstonRoss NicholsonCoach: Carl RennickOttawa #2Jamie Eddy Katie PaialungaMegan TurpinChristine LavalleeKoreaDong-Sik LeeBong-KwangNamJae-Seon YunMin-Kyong ChoTae-Yeong JeongCoach: Kwon-IlParkMaritime OntarioMichael FitzgeraldCarl BaxJoanna BosLaughie Rutt;nbsp;QuebecBenoit LessardCarl MarquisJohanne DalyDean RogersCoach: Germain TremblayRussiaAndrey...
Alexander Baumann has the shot...
Mike McEwen's shot that made ESPN was a dream throw because it was a Grand Slam Final and they were down four points to tie it. A double-promote double-takeout for four only sweetens the result. But I submit this as the clubhouse leader for Shot of the Year. German skip Alexander Baumann in the European Curling Championships against Scotland this afternoon.The situation: Scotland is up 4-3 in the ninth end. Germany has the hammer. Scotland stole a point in the 7th on a missed cute tapback by Baumann. The eighth was blanked after a controversial burned rock that wasn't called (replay looked like the German sweeper's broom grazed the rock).Then came the ninth. Through the first six rocks, everything was pretty much made according to spec:Mark Muskatewicz tried to tap the gaggle of rocks to change...
Team McEwen holds hot hand
Winnipeg's Mike McEwen sent a pair of emphatic messages to the rest of the men's field that will be in Camrose, Alta., in a couple weeks for the 2014 Home Hardware Canada Cup, presented by Meridian Manufacturing. By winning the Grand Slam of Curling's National on Sunday in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., McEwen â€;quot; backed ...
2014-15 Goldline Catalogue
Travelers Ontario club champs:...
Five things I learned from hanging...
The Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp wrapped up at the Guelph Curling Club on Sunday afternoon, ending three days of - of - of what? Learning, laughing, and a fair bit of pain (delivery, after delivery, after delivery....!) Moments of illumination, moments (long ones!) of frustration. Good times with new friends. Lots of failure. A few successes. And a long list of "Things I'm going to do
Ottawa to play host to Brier in...
The Brier Patch party zone will be at TD Place arena in March of 2016. The Canadian Curling Association has announced morning that the national men's curling championship is returning to the capital next March 5 to 13, 15 years after it was last held here at what was then called the Ottawa Civic Centre. “Ever since the building renovations started at TD Place, we've been wanting to put a major event there, and the Tim Hortons Brier will be a perfect showcase,” said Canadian Curling Association Chief Executive Officer Greg Stremlaw. “Ottawa has a great tradition of hosting major championships, including three Briers, and the curling fans in this city are extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We know it will be a great event.” The 12-team round-robin...


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