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Martin caps career winning Players'...
SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. — Curling legend Kevin Martin is leaving the sport at the top of the mountain. Martin previously announced he would retire after the Players' Championship and finished his career on a high note Sunday, defeating Brad Jacobs 4-3 in the men's final to capture one final Grand Slam of Curling title. ...
Goldline End of Season Sale up...
Goldline End of Season Sale up to 75% off! For some merchandise, we have very limited quantities and sizes available. No rain checks will be provided so shop early to avoid disappointment!
Kaitlyn Lawes, playing Third for...
She's been on the ice since she was a five-year-old and in the spotlight since her days as a top junior skip. I talked to Kaitlyn back in December, shortly after her team had earned the right to be Team Canada at the Sochi Games. Even if you don't curl like an Olympian, there's no reason you shouldn't look like you really know what you're doing. Give your team the trappings of the best with Runback curling apparel â€;quot; go to Runback and find custom curling apparel for your squad. Just Run It.
Morris announces curling sabbatical...
No Mo Johnny... unless... John Morris has spoken. The finalist from both the Brier and the Canadian Olympic Trials has issued a statement today on his immediate curling future, and here it is: This ad appears in our April issue After a lot of thought and deliberation, I have decided to take a step back from the game of curling next year. I had the tremendous pleasure of playing with three great, genuine teammates in Jim Cotter, Tyrel Griffith and Rick Sawatsky as we made it farther than I think anyone would have predicted for a team playing its first year together. You were all amazing, as was our coach, Pat Ryan, and our alternates Jody Epp and Jason Gunnlaugson. I am extremely proud of our squad for what we accomplished, and would like to thank my guys for helping me recover my passion and...
Three-time Brier champ Kevin Martin...
Kevin Martin was the kind of guy who marched to his own drummer.
Scotland On Tour
With the 2013-14 season almost over, the final tour events on the curling calendar have been played over the past few weeks. Several Scottish teams have been taking part both in Europe and further afield. St. Gallen, Switzerland was hosting the final event on the Curling Champions Tour from 9-12 April with the European Masters. This event saw the teams ranked in the top eight of the Tour standings play for the overall Tour title – Sweden, Scotland and Switzerland were all represented. Scotland had teams skipped by Logan Gray and David Murdoch out in Switzerland. Glen Muirhead was replaced by Grant Hardie in Team Gray's lineup for this competition. Olympic silver-medallists Team Murdoch won their first game but then lost three straight, including a defeat to Logan Gray, but they won their...
Kevin Martin's legacy: easily...
Now that Kevin Martin has announced his retirement, it's fair to look back at his career and wonder where he fits among the greats and what his legacy will be. I was lucky in that K-Mart's time on the ice more or less paralleled by years at the Globe and so I spent a lot of time interviewing him. I don't think our reporter-athlete relationship started off all that great. I found him to be a bit arrogant and he felt I was biased against him. As time went on we both matured at our skills and developed a good relationship. He jokingly called me his favourite fiction writer, something he'll still bring up to this day. On the ice, I think K-Mart is easily among the best of his generation and probably of all time. Four Brier titles, two Olympic medals and a world championship...
Curling Connections
The Dumfries Museum was founded in 1835 as an astronomical observatory and museum in a stone windmill built about 1790 on Corberry Hill. A Camera Obscura in the tower is still a popular attraction. The main hall of the museum was built in 1862 and houses collections from all over Dumfries and Galloway.The museum is worth a visit at any time, but from today until June 15, there is a special exhibition, 'Curling Connections', celebrating that Dumfries Ice Bowl is the venue for the World Seniors and the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships. The exhibition examines the social importance of curling and reveals the contribution to the development of the sport made by the people of Dumfries and Galloway.As well as local items, some of the rarest artifacts from the history of the sport...
Historical Video: 2002 Cdn Sr Women’s...
The 2002 Canadian Senior Women's Championship final featuring Alberta's Simone Handfield vs Ontario's Anne Dunn played on Feb. 10, 2002 in St. Thomas, Ontario.
The 2016 USA curling championships...
Yep, there it is on the USCA website. We're going to have a curling championship in Florida. This is apparently something they've been working on for a few years, trying to get some niche interests into the region.Currently there are zero active curling clubs in Florida â€;quot; the closest one is Atlanta â€;quot; but there used to be one in the Tampa area. This is certainly part of their attempt to expand curling interest into states with pretty super awesome winters, such as the Continental Cup in Las Vegas and the clinic in Hawaii last year. They haven't announced the facility but it'll probably be the Jacksonville Ice ;amp; SportsPlex, and with any luck they can also start a recreational curling club there, similar to what Kalamazoo did â€;quot; they founded a club in 2008 and hosting...
Pacific International Cup starts...
The 15th annual Pacific International Cup gets started at the Richmond Curling Centre today (April 16). The ;'PIC;rdquo; is a unique and popular curling event which has as its mission to promote club curling within and outside of British Columbia. It is the only event which provides club curlers with international competition, while exchanging ideas, ideals and promoting the sport of curling. Since it began in 2000, club curlers from 21 different countries, territories, provinces and states have participated in the Pacific International Cup. In B.C. and most other jurisdictions facilities identify their best men's and women's club teams, who then play in qualifying events such as the BC Club Challenge to play in the PIC. This year's competition will include men's and women's teams from Alaska,...
Proceed With Caution
It's not only that time of year, it's that time in the Olympic quadrennial and when it happens with the most high profile teams, it gets played out in the media for all to see. Of course I'm taking about player personnel changes.But, to be quite frank, I'm not that concerned about the elite teams and what they do re. player changes, they're big boys and girls so I'll defer to their experience in matters like this. No, this is directed at you, the serious recreational curler who might be contemplating a change in team personnel.What follows are my thoughts on this most important issue but permit me one observation on what's happening literally as I publish this post. I'll not delve into the specifics of the teams who have announced changes although I will...


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