Kelly Marnoch wins King Spud Classic

Kelly Marnoch (Carberry, MB) wins the King Spud Classic, defeating Sean Grassie (Winnipeg, MB) 8-7 at the Carberry Curling Club in Carberry, Manitoba. Marnoch as skip throwing third stones with Bart Witherspoon throwing the last stones and Branden Jorgensen and Chris Cameron on the front end take home the $2,500CDN first place cheque along with 15.289 world ranking points, while Grassie receives $1,750CDN and 12.013 world ranking points for their second place finish. As an added bonus, Grassie booked a berth into the Manitoba Provincials by being the highest non-qualified finisher in this provincial qualifying event.

Grassie opened the scoring stealing 1 in the first end, when Marnoch responded in the second end scoring 3. Grassie scored a single in the third end, with Marnoch coming back scoring 2 in the 4th end to extend their lead to 5-2. Grassie and Marnoch traded deuces in the 5th and 6th ends when Grassie scored 3 in the seventh end to tie the game into the final end where Marnoch scored a single in the eighth end for the 8-7 win.

In the semifinals, Marnoch defeated Braden Calvert (Winnipeg, MB) 7-3 and Grassie defeated Jordan Smith (Winnipeg, MB) 7-5 in an extra end. Smith and Calvert earned $1,000CDN and 9.283 ranking points for their semifinal finishes. In the quarterfinals, Marnoch defeated Jerry Chudley (Brandon, MB) 4-3 in an extra end, Grassie defeated Richard Muntain (Pinawa, MB) 7-1, while Calvert defeated Trevor Loreth (Winnipeg, MB) 8-5 and Smith defeated Steve Irwin (Brandon, MB) 4-2. Muntain, Loreth, Chudley and Irwin earned $600CDN along with 6.553 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Marnoch went 3-1 in the 16 team triple knockout qualifying round. In their opening game, Marnoch defeated Kyle Csversko (Neepawa, MB) 5-0, losing their next game to Irwin 5-2 dropping into the B event. Marnoch bounced back with a 9-3 win over Muntain and won 6-4 against Loreth in the B-Qualifier match to advance to the playoffs.

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