Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy win Mixed Doubles Trophy Aarau

Anastasia Bryzgalova/Alexander Krushelnitskiy (St Petersburg, Russia) wins the International Mixed Doubles Trophy Aarau, defeating Jenny Perret/Martin Rios (Glarus, Switzerland) 6-5 at the Curling Club Aarau in Aarau, Switzerland. Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy take home the $3,306CDN first place cheque, while Perret/Rios receives $2,035CDN for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Perret/Rios scored 2 in the first end, Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy responded in the second end scoring 2. then added steals in the third and fourth ends. Perret/Rios scored a single in the fifth end to trail 4-3, then forced Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy to a single in the sixth end. Perret/Rios scored 2 in the seventh end to tie the game with Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy scoring a single in the eighth end for the 6-5 win.

Daniela Rupp/Kevin Wunderlin (Zug, Switzerland) defeated Marie Turmann/Harri Lill (Tallinn, Estonia) 5-3 in the Bronze Medal game. Rupp/Wunderlin won $1,272CDN, while Turmann/Lill won $763CDN for their finishes.

In the semifinals, Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy defeated Rupp/Wunderlin (Zug, Switzerland) 6-3 and Perret/Rios defeated Turmann/Lill (Tallinn, Estonia) 9-4. In the quarterfinals, Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy defeated Alina Paetz/Sven Michel (Bern, Switzerland) 8-3, Perret/Rios defeated Maria Komarova/Daniil Goryachev (St. Petersburg, Russia) 4-3, while Turmann/Lill defeated Oihane Otaegi/Mikel Unanue (San Sebastian, Spain) 8-3 and Rupp/Wunderlin defeated Melanie Barbezat/Matthias Perret (Biel, Switzerland) 10-3. Komarova/Goryachev, Otaegi/Unanue, Paetz/Michel and Barbezat/Perret earned $381CDN along with 0.000 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy went 5-0 in the 18 team round-robin pools qualifying round. In their opening game, Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy defeated Rupp/Wunderlin 9-4, won against Daniela Matulova/Milan Moravcik (Bratislava, Slovakia) 7-4, and against Eliska Srnska/Krystof Tabery (Prague, Czech Republic) 8-1. Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskiy then won against Otaegi/Unanue 6-3, and finished the preliminary round with a 7-6 win against Michelle Gribi/Reto Gribi (Biel, Switzerland).


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