How Klutch Curling is Helping Club Membership

Last month we took a look at Klutch Curling and how it has helped curlers country-wide improve their game. Now we are delving deeper into the hardware of this innovative new training tool, and its potential to help increase club membership.

The Klutch Curling app works with easy to install hardware placed in a clubs' ice and rocks. The hardware connects to the app through Bluetooth, allowing curlers to track their improvement and get instant data on each of their shots. How does this innovative technology influence club membership?

We reached out to ChPC Martin Cavanagh, who stated that Klutch Curling has been shown to increase club member enthusiasm and ads to the community aspect of the club. "A remarkable phenomenon I've observed at Klutch-enabled clubs is how excited and engaged both competitive and non-competitive members have now become in their development." He continued, "Curlers are now eagerly comparing their empirical data on the Klutch Curling app at the round-table post-game debate. Curlers will always want to improve and develop, with Klutch technology they now know more and can do better."

As stated by Cavanagh, Klutch Curling is designed to help curlers track their improvement, but in the process it also benefits the curling clubs by promoting member interaction, conversation and engagement with one another. Ian Swain, a curler and past president of The Royal Montreal Curling Club, had this to say, "Klutch Curling has become an integral part of both my game experience and practice routine. Whether or not a club is Klutch-enabled will be a significant factor on my preference to join."

The advantage that is given to curlers who can use Klutch Curling is enough to have members coming back for more - and as indicated by Swain, could even affect the club a member will join.

Does your club have Klutch Curling yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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