Russians Win Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Bronze

Gangneung, Republic of Korea - Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii of the Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) team have won curling's first-ever mixed doubles bronze medals at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

The pair beat Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten of Norway by 8-4 in Tuesday morning's bronze medal final.

In the first end, OAR scored two points with a straightforward draw after Norway's Skaslien wrecked her last stone on a front guard on the way into the house. When Skaslien was short with the last stone of the second end, OAR took a 3-0 lead with a single-point steal.

Norway put themselves on the scoreboard with two points in the third end, and in the fourth end, OAR just missed out on a possible score of five points and had to settle for just two points and a 5-2 half-time lead.

Norway recovered with a score of two points in the fifth end, thanks to a hit and stay by Skaslien that reduced OAR's lead to 5-4. However, OAR nudged further ahead with a double take-out by Krushelnitckii for a single point in the sixth end.

In the seventh end, Skaslien was facing three OAR stones as she played her final draw. She was a little heavy and gave up a steal of one point to give OAR a three-point lead, at 7-4.

In the eighth end, Skaslien missed an ambitious triple take-out shot that would put the game into an extra end, giving OAR another single-point steal instead, for an 8-4 win and the first-ever curling Olympic mixed doubles bronze medals.

The inaugural Olympic mixed doubles competition - considered a success on many fronts, not least because of the large, enthusiastic crowds - now concludes with the gold medal final on Tuesday evening at 20:05 Korea Standard Time between Canada and current world champions Switzerland.

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