World Mixed Doubles Championship Begins in Sweden

Switzerland's Michele Jaeggi / Sven Michel (Photo by Richard Gray, World Curling Federation) are the highest ranked team from the ISS World Mixed Doubles Tour competing this week in Ostersund, Sweden for the World Mixed Doubles Championship title.

By Alina Biktimorova, World Curling Tour

OSTERSUND - The World Curling Mixed Doubles Championship started in Ostersund (Sweden). 40 pairs from around the world take part in the competition this year. Of all the teams, 22 teams participated in the ISS World Mixed Doubles Curling Tour this season.

16 teams are in the ISS World Mixed Doubles Ranking:

The team with the most points is team Switzerland - Michele Jaeggi / Sven Michel, which scored on the 4th overall on the ranking. They participated in 6 tournaments per season and in 5 of them received points. (Finishing in playoffs)

We can also see the team from Estonia - Marie Turmann / Harri Lill. They occupy the fifth place in the ranking, 8 tournaments and 7 of them with points.

The team that most visited the ISS World Mixed Doubles Curling Tour tournaments is the team from Hungary - Ildiko Szekeres / Gyoergy Nagy. They participated in 11 tournaments and 8 of them received points. They are located at 6th position in the ranking.

Also highlights among the top 10 in the rankings be the Czech Republic and Russia.
Zunana Haikova / Thomas Paul sit in 7th place in the ranking with 8 tournaments and 6 with points while Maria Komarova / Daniil Goryachev are in 8th place in the ranking with 9 tournaments and 7 with points.

During this season, the following teams took part in tournaments:
Korea - Kijeong Lee / Hey Jang (Rank: 12, 3 tournament played/3 playoff appearances)
Scotland - Jayne Stirling / Fraser Kingan (R16, 4/3)
Sweden - Camilla Noreen / Per Noreen (R19, 4/3)
United States - Sarah Anderson / Korey Dropkin (R24 2/2)
Finland - Oona Kauste / Tomi Rantamaki (R30, 4/2)
Latvia - Santa Blumberga / Ritvars Gulbis (R42, 4/2)
France - Sandrine Mornad / Romain Borini (R46, 5/2)
Australia - Lynn Hewitt / Dean Hewitt (R50, 3/1)
Italy - Veronica Zappone / Simone Gonin (R59, 1/1)
Denmark - Christine Vita Gronbech / Martin Uhd Gronbech (R74, 3/1)
Slovakia - Daniela Matulova / Milan Moravcik (R85, 5/1)
Spain - Irantzu Garcia / Goratzal Garcia
Romania - Lulia Traila / Allen Coliban
Lithuania - Virginia Paulauskaite / Tadas Vyskupaitis
Luxembourg - Karen Wauters / Marco Etienne
Norway - Maia Ramsfjell/ Magnus Ramsfjell
England - Anna Fowler / Tom Jaeggi

The week will be great and we hope to see interesting games. The World Curling Tour wishes good luck to all teams!

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